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Bob Roggio Offers Real Solutions

“We need to restore fiscal responsibility to Washington. I believe in the strength of free enterprise and that the economy functions best with lower taxes for the middle class. I’ve worked in business and I know what it means to balance a budget, provide health care for employees, and take care of the bottom line. We are currently spending 10 billion dollars a month in Iraq, giving subsidies to oil companies, and giving tax cuts to people making over $250,000 a year. It is time for responsible and accountable leaders who will curtail the spending spree in Washington.” — Bob Roggio

>>> Download Bob Roggio/Jim Gerlach Side-by-Side Economic Plan Comparison (.pdf)

A New Focus on Our Economy and Infrastructure

While Americans contend with skyrocketing health care costs, high gas prices, and rising college tuition, Washington has racked up a record national debt and perpetuated an irresponsible spending spree. Bob Roggio will fight to revitalize the economy. Bob plans to aid the economic recovery with tax cuts for middle class families and by repealing the Bush/Gerlach tax breaks for people making over $250,000 a year. Bob believes that restoring our economy means making investments in infrastructure, renewable energy, and education that will create new jobs for today and for tomorrow's generation.

Jim Gerlach has preserved the Washington status-quo by supporting fiscal policies that subsidize the oil companies, give tax breaks to millionaires, and continue to recklessly spend on a war that isn't making Americans any safer. He has consistently voted against fiscally responsible budgets, including a budget that would call for a surplus by 2012 and call for a reduction in mandatory spending by $750 million over 6 years. He has worked side-by-side with George Bush and plans to continue the same failed policies that have led us into the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression.


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Fix the Banking Crisis.  Our perilous economic situation didn't materialize overnight, and it is not an accident. Under the failed policies of George Bush and Jim Gerlach, the financial markets have gone without enforced regulations at the expense of the American taxpayer. We need leaders who will fight to impose intelligent regulations that limit the risk on Americans and demand that regulators enforce the laws on the books to hold banks accountable.
  • Provide Middle Class Tax Cuts. We need to reemphasize the importance of providing relief for the middle class.  Bob Roggio supports a tax credit for middle class individuals and families to help counterbalance FICA taxes.  He will work to increase the Child Tax Credit, currently at $1,000 per year per child, to help Americans invest in their families. He will fight to provide tax credits for working families that are trying to meet the burdens of increasing college tuition. Bob Roggio will push for a tax credit for first-time homebuyers to help working families in uncertain times and bring stability to the housing market. 
  • End the Bush Tax cuts for Millionaires.  Bush and Gerlach have consistently provided tax cuts for millionaires while the middle class continues to struggle with skyrocketing healthcare costs, college tuition, and high gas prices.  Bob Roggio will end tax breaks for millionaires and focus on providing tax relief for the middle class.
  • End Tax Breaks for Companies that Ship American Jobs Overseas and Provide Incentives to Keep Jobs Here.  Corporations shouldn’t be rewarded for sending jobs overseas when millions are unemployed here at home. We need to reward companies that create jobs at home and end tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas. Bob Roggio will fight to provide tax and trade incentives for companies that keep American jobs at home.
  • Make Investments in Infrastructure.  Our roads and bridges continue to deteriorate.  Gridlock is horrendous.  We need to invest in public works and mass transit that spur the economy and employ millions of Americans.
  • Create Green Jobs by Investing in Renewable Energy. By investing in green and renewable energy, we will create thousands of new jobs while addressing our nation’s energy crisis. We need to invest in green energy to reduce unemployment and secure the long-term employment of Americans in an advancing marketplace.
  • Raise the Minimum Wage. As hard-working Americans struggle to pay for food, gas, and housing, Bush and Gerlach have continually thwarted efforts to raise the minimum wage.  Bob Roggio will fight to increase the minimum wage so that full-time workers can earn a living wage.
  • Make Free Trade Fair.  Free trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA have led the loss of thousands of American jobs.  We need to amend these agreements to make them fair for all labor, both at home and abroad, and mandate adherence to strict environmental standards.
  • Crack Down on Predatory Lending.  Predatory mortgage and credit card practices have left too many Americans in serious debt.  Bob Roggio will fight for tighter regulations on the mortgage and credit industries.  We must enact laws that demand accountability in order to protect Americans from exploitive lending practices.
  • Fix the AMT to eliminate the burden on the middle class.  Nearly 26 million Americans will be subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax next year, including middle-class Americans who were never meant to be burdened. We need to fix the AMT responsibly under Pay-As-You-Go rules that demonstrate a commitment to fiscal responsibility and do not add to the national debt.
  • Increase assistance to the unemployed.  With record unemployment rates, the government needs to invest in programs that spur job creation.  Bob Roggio will fight to expand job opportunities for displaced workers by funding initiatives that offer job training and placement assistance.
  • Strengthen job opportunities for vets.  Of the two million veterans who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, one in five are unemployed and one in four earn less than $22,000 a year.  We must provide support to those who choose to serve our country by investing in programs that assist in the transition to civilian life.
  • Dramatically Invest in Education. We need to invest in our economic future by strengthening our education system today.  Bob Roggio will support the expansion of Head Start and fight for universal Pre-K education.  He will work to increase funding for our public schools and attract highly qualified teachers by raising salaries and providing continuing education.

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